Miniseries with Shelby: Pressure, Credentials, and Proving Yourself in Business (Session 1)

Rachel is on maternity leave and so we are too! Well, in a way… 

We’re bringing you a special mini series with Somatic Psychotherapist, Buddhist meditation teacher, coach, and super advocate for trauma awareness, Shelby Leigh. During this 3-part miniseries, we’ll continue to normalize challenges in entrepreneurship and you’ll hear how coaching can be a valuable container to navigate decisions and stuck points in a way that moves you towards long-term goals. In this episode specifically, Shelby and I dive deep into trust, enoughness, and safety in business and how those desires can create friction around qualifications and certifications.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • How to navigate the pressure to grow your business by widening your capacity for clients (and other alternatives to scale if this doesn’t feel good to you!)
  • An honest deep dive into qualifications, continuing education, and licensing (and looking at the question “what is required to be an authority in your space?”)
  • The appeal of having a safety net as an entrepreneur and why society has conditioned us to believe ONLY letters, certifications, and degrees are “safe”
  • A question MY first coach asked that stopped me in my tracks (and why I now ask almost every client this same money-related Q)
  • How to approach the feeling that the other shoe will ALWAYS drop (and what to do when you fear the bottom will drop out on your success)
  • How the pattern of proving can hold you back in business (and how not feeling supported, especially emotionally, can impact business decisions)
  • How to navigate growth while releasing the heavy weight or pressure of providing for yourself or your family


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