Episode 7: Congruence, Resistance, and Showing Up Online (Session 5 with Rachel)

In Session 5 with Rachel, we discuss visibility challenges that MANY women business owners struggle with online. From how to start (or restart) showing up consistently to how to worry less about what others think, we’re digging into visibility and the strategies that do (and don’t) create the most sustainable, enjoyable success.

Here’s exactly what we discuss:

  • How to make out-of-the-blue discovery calls normal (and the truth about action and mindset that most people don’t tell you)
  • What to do when you’re feeling resistance to getting visible online (and the missing link to putting yourself out there with more ease)
  • The real truth about worry (and what’s ACTUALLY happening when you fear offending, hurting, or upsetting your audience through your content)
  • What to tell yourself before you go live or get on IG stories (and how this one phrase will make hitting “publish” so much easier!)
  • Why empaths struggle to show up online (plus 1 reframe + 1 Q to push past resistance) 
  • Knowing the strategy behind each platform (and how to know what to post + where)


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