Episode 6: How Strategy Meets Mindset (Session 4 with Rachel)

In Session 4 with Rachel, we see how strategy and mindset work together (alongside execution) to create results in business. This session is a great example of how deciding on strategy showcases the mindset gaps that need to be addressed next. Often, the strategy part is the easy part (and that’s normal and okay) and that’s what I want you to see in this episode! 

Here’s exactly what we discuss:

  • How to say “no” more than you say “yes” (and why saying no, even to money, is KEY when building or scaling a business)
  • How to move forward and get what you want NOW (and why playing the waiting game is keeping you stuck)
  • When what you want hasn’t arrived (and how to get in belief even when something didn’t “work” in the past)
  • Why mindset > posting content (and the biggest hack of all times that will change your business)
  • The rule of thumb you need to adopt as a coach (and why NOT doing this can hurt your sales process)
  • The coaching Q I love to ask (and what it says about what’s REALLY going on underneath the surface mindset-wise)
  • Being seen > being perfect (and how to unblock yourself around visibility)
  • What detachment ACTUALLY looks like (and the two levels for mastering detachment)


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