Episode 4: Warm Leads, Marketing, and Retraining Your Brain (Session 3 with Rachel)

In Session 3 with Rachel, we discuss more of the important foundational elements of building a new business or re-launching a previous service, from reconnecting with warm leads to creating initial touchpoints to pricing structures and payment plans. If you’ve lost momentum in your business or want growth to stop feeling so hard, you’ll love this episode!

Here’s exactly what we discuss:

  • How to create more ease and inspiration in your day (even when you’re busy!)
  • What STOPS you from scaling (and why staying up to “get it all done” does *not* usually work)
  • The fastest way to make a sale (and how to reconnect with warm or cold leads)
  • How to niche, understand your audience, and create touchpoints for potential clients
  • What to remember about EVERY marketing activity you do (and two things to think about before picking a platform OR schedule)
  • How to use personal stories to connect with your audience and increase engagement (and why personalized content sparks more conversations and conversions)
  • The difference between “deciding to decide” and making a decision that will positively impact your results (and how to get everything you want)
  • How to structure pricing, when to use payment plans versus pay-in-full, and the mindset of raising your prices


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