In Session 2 with Rachel, we’re setting the foundational elements that every business needs. From time management when you already have an existing successful business (or little ones at home!) to my 5-step simple content creation process to communicating results and processes, this is a great check-in episode wherever you are in business!


Here’s exactly what we discuss:

  • The ins and outs of time blocking as a done-for-you service provider
  • The daily trap most business owners fall into (hint: this is for you if you get stuck working IN your business and struggle to find time to work ON your business)
  • How to create weekly content (and the most simple 5-lens process for writing social media and blog posts each week)
  • How to resonate more deeply with your audience, attract the right people to your offers, and position yourself as an expert
  • What to do if you’re not taking action (and how to know if you have a mindset OR strategy problem)
  • How to prompt greater interest and conversions in your opt-ins, content, and offerings


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