Episode 27: Lessons, Hardships, and Biggest Season 3 Takeaways (Final Wrap-Up with Rachel)

In this final wrap-up with Rachel (the final episode of Season 3), we break down Rachel’s experience being on the podcast plus her thoughts on what it was like to be coached publicly during pregnancy, pandemic, and motherhood (and if she would go back and change the timing of our work if she could!). I’m extending a huge thank you to Rachel as we discuss our lessons learned, the hardest moments of this season, and the biggest myths we hope to dispel in the online coaching space.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • What it was like for Rachel to be coached publicly in 2020 (and how this experience was what she expected, wildly different, and everything in between) 
  • If Rachel would go back and change our timing if she could (and what I personally think is the BEST time to start working with a coach) 
  • One specific belief I’ve cultivated around this podcast (and how Rachel’s season only strengthened this belief even more)
  • The most difficult part of recording a podcast while being coached live (and the moment Rachel says was the hardest of the season) 
  • One assumption in the online space that drives me crazy (and what I most want you to know about building a profitable business you love)
  • What is (statistically speaking) the reason most small businesses fail (and how to apply these takeaways to YOUR business for more long-term success
  • The biggest myths we want to bust in the online business space (and how to redefine success)


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