Session 19 with Rachel is our final session of season three! In this episode, Rachel and I map out (step by step) her three-month plan to launch a new course, opt-in, and podcast, and set the foundation that will make her success inevitable. So many entrepreneurs swing towards rigid plans or no plan at all, but the most momentum is found in allowing space for both, which we dive into very specifically. This episode is a conversation on how to plan AND adapt in business for big growth!

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • What to do when your plans change (and why I recommend always having a plan even if it changes!)
  • How to map out your next three months in business (and what it looks like to plan for a course launch, podcast launch, and masterclass or other list-building events)
  • How to use a launch team to build momentum and attract new listeners for your podcast (and how I used this to promote LITerally®)
  • The power of planning for ONE priority each week (and why this is a game changer for getting things done in your business!)
  • The key to staying in business vs burning out (and how to create a “can’t lose” strategy you can be SURE will work)
  • The difference between a build phase and a growth phase (plus how to use this information to get more results and get more done) 
  • How to find what works for you in business (and how to set a strong foundation that makes your success inevitable)


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