Episode 25: Sales Copy, Marketing, and Thought Leadership (Session 18 with Rachel)

In Session 18 with Rachel, we discuss how to better connect with your audience and use your content to convert! From sales pages to podcasting, we’re talking about how to meet your audience where they’re at, what makes someone buy from you and your biz (as opposed to someone else), and the specifics of what makes a killer message. If you’re launching something new or interested in thought leadership, you’ll love this session!


Here’s exactly what you’ll hear:

  • How saying “no” can actually be what moves you forward the fastest in business 
  • How to write a killer sales page (and what makes someone buy from YOU as opposed to someone else)
  • The key to connecting more deeply with your audience (and why most business owners are missing one huge element in their sales copy) 
  • The two things to put in your content as often as possible (and why I am ALWAYS telling clients to share more about these two things)
  • The #1 question to ask yourself if you want to be a thought leader (and why this is an important question to ask before implementing any new marketing strategy)
  • My surprising approach to podcast editing (and how to apply this strategy to EVERYTHING you do in your business for better results)
  • How to know when you’re ready to add to your marketing plan (and start a podcast, create a livestream series, or do anything else!)


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