Episode 24: Strategic Planning and Moving Multiple Projects Forward at Once (Session 17 with Rachel)

In Session 17 with Rachel, we talk about moving multiple projects forward in your business at once. Whether you’re launching a course or creating a new opt-in or simply mapping out content for the year, the ability to manage client work plus growth projects plus daily marketing is KEY to long-term scaling and sustainability. This is an especially valuable conversation for business owners who want to work a set number of hours each week!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The best filter to run your to-do list through (and how to be a great boss by asking yourself this one simple question)
  • Pricing for courses, the value of waitlists, and how to offer upsells or add-ons (plus how to create a sales process that makes it easier for your audience to buy) 
  • How to create and host a successful conversion event for your launch (and the #1 rule I have at A Lit Up Life for content creation)
  • Strategic planning and how to quickly and easily create opt-ins, masterclasses, challenges, DIY products, and more 
  • How to create big results with small chunks of time (and the key to forward momentum when you’re working with a limited number of hours each week)
  • The surprising way to create more connection with your audience (and how this ALSO gives you more freedom in business)
  • Why it’s hard to say no to money (and why being able to is a huge determiner in long-term growth)


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