In Session 17 with Rachel, we talk about moving multiple projects forward in your business at once. Whether you’re launching a course or creating a new opt-in or simply mapping out content for the year, the ability to manage client work plus growth projects plus daily marketing is KEY to long-term scaling and sustainability. This is an especially valuable conversation for business owners who want to work a set number of hours each week!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The best filter to run your to-do list through (and how to be a great boss by asking yourself this one simple question)
  • Pricing for courses, the value of waitlists, and how to offer upsells or add-ons (plus how to create a sales process that makes it easier for your audience to buy) 
  • How to create and host a successful conversion event for your launch (and the #1 rule I have at A Lit Up Life for content creation)
  • Strategic planning and how to quickly and easily create opt-ins, masterclasses, challenges, DIY products, and more 
  • How to create big results with small chunks of time (and the key to forward momentum when you’re working with a limited number of hours each week)
  • The surprising way to create more connection with your audience (and how this ALSO gives you more freedom in business)
  • Why it’s hard to say no to money (and why being able to is a huge determiner in long-term growth)


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