In Session 16 with Rachel, we discuss the ins and outs of launching a DIY product or self-guided course, from creating urgency for an evergreen offer to setting yourself up for happy customers and consistent sales. This episode shares the behind-the-scenes of preparing to offer something new in business and breaks down how to build a sales funnel that works for you AND your bottom line!  

As you listen, you’ll hear:

  • The pros and cons of cart open periods vs. evergreen launches (and how to market and create urgency for courses, products, or programs that never “close”)
  • The foundation of a strong sales cycle and the #1 thing to know about your business if you want more sustainable sales 
  • The benefits of a launch waitlist (and how to gauge interest, create sales before a cart opens, and offer strategic discounts) 
  • The real difference between a one-on-one offer and a course (and how to ensure you have a well-rounded sales funnel, happy customers, and effective marketing!)
  • The surprising way to make the biggest impact in your business (hint: this is for you if you want as much long-term impact as possible!)
  • How to make launching not feel so dang hard (and the one simple strategy that pays off the most in business)
  • The truth about repurposing and resharing content (and how to make it easier to show up and stay consistent between launches or during a busier season)


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