For Session 15, Rachel is back from maternity leave! You’ll hear a glimpse of what business looks and feels like for Rachel just three weeks after baby and how she’s staying energetically IN her business without physically being in it 24/7. Plus, we discuss the importance of removing pressure, expectations, and comparison traps in business so that Rachel can feel good now and sustainably grow without burning out. 

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • How to be energetically IN your business even when you’re not physically *in* it (and why this is a crucial skill to cultivate as your business grows!)
  • What to do with the thought that “it’d be easier to burn it all down” (and the #1 thing to know about your brain if you want long-term growth)
  • How to take the pressure off unnecessary to-dos so you can keep moving forward, creating relationships, and building your biz without burning out
  • The surprising truth about getting people on calls and booking clients (and how this one thing can be tripping you up OR be the permission you need right now!)
  • No-pressure activities versus must-do activities and how to remove unhelpful pressure in your biz so you can feel good AND move forward with more ease
  • How to stop comparing your business to someone else’s (and why acknowledging tradeoffs is KEY to alleviating pressure, feeling good, and growing YOUR way)


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