Episode 2: Imposter Syndrome, Content Detoxes, and Aligned Action (Session 1 with Rachel)

In this first session with Rachel, we get clear on where Rachel is now, what she wants to accomplish over these next six months, and how she’ll start taking aligned action in that direction. We dive into a little bit of everything during this foundational session, from the impacts of COVID-19 to FB groups and visibility to imposter syndrome and daily mindset.

Here’s what we discuss:

  • What to expect this season on LITerally®!
  • How bouncing back and forth between businesses is actually common in the online industry (and how we will transition into the one Rachel most wants to run)
  • The impacts of COVID-19 on both of the industries Rachel currently works with
  • The #1 trap online business owners fall into when it comes to content creation and getting visible
  • The power of Facebook groups (and how to use them to grow your audience)
  • Why you need to take inventory of your time (and how to figure out what activities will move you forward the fastest)
  • How “graspy sales” can get in your way (and why this is 100% a mindset problem!)
  • The antidote to imposter syndrome stemming from a lack of formal training
  • Affirmations that help you trust you DO know enough (plus an app I recommend you use daily)


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