Episode 19: How to Keep Your Business Running Without You (Session 14 with Rachel)

During Session 14, Rachel’s due date is right around the corner and so we’re getting clear on what it means for her to keep her business running without her physically being in it. Whether planning for a baby, taking a vacation, or simply wanting weekends back, this episode shows the behind-the-scenes of how to keep getting results even when you’re out of office.

Here’s exactly what we discuss:

  • The #1 thing to do when you’re showing up consistently yet not seeing results (and why doing more is NOT the answer)
  • The one point of tension almost ALL entrepreneurs have to move through and why this one sticking point keeps business feeling hard
  • How to strategically plan for breaks and take time away from your business
  • How “thought containers” work alongside strategy to fasttrack results
  • One surprising way you’re keeping yourself stuck (and how to STOP pushing away new clients and inquiries)
  • Navigating uncertainty and how to create structure when it feels like there is none
  • The 4 cues that you’re making business too hard (and how to break the cycle)
  • How to be in your business without being IN it (and why this is KEY to getting results even when you’re out of office)


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