Episode 18: Planning for Short-Term Execution and Long-Term Success (Session 13 with Rachel)

In Session 13 with Rachel, we discuss how to plan long-term, how to make execution in business feel easier and more consistent, and how to navigate the unknown (like maternity leave, COVID-19, and future business planning) with less overwhelm, more ease, and more forward momentum so you can see results in your business now AND later.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • How to create better work boundaries (and my #1 hack for completing EVERY task on your list)
  • My personal process for filming client lessons and Instagram stories (and how I decide what to talk about in 2 seconds flat)
  • The real reason you aren’t executing and how to create more consistency in biz
  • How to make higher quality decisions and use the science of decision fatigue to get more done in your business
  • Group programs versus 1:1 (and how to pick the right model for you, your capacity, and your overall goals)
  • The truth about the unknown and how to reduce overwhelm so you can move forward even when things aren’t perfect or clear cut
  • How to create urgency and increase sales (and the importance of staying at the top of a prospective client’s mind throughout your sales process)


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