Session 12 with Rachel is a lesson on showing up ANYWAY. We talk about moving through overwhelm, how to navigate challenging situations, and what it looks like to get support and delegate in your business. Hearing what someone else is going through behind-the-scenes of running and growing a business is one of the greatest gifts an entrepreneur can get, so I can’t wait for you to listen! 

Here’s exactly what we discuss:

  • Delegation, getting support, and how to release control in your business (and how managing team in your business is different than managing team in a 9-5)
  • How to navigate transparency and behind-the-scenes with boundaries and privacy
  • The deep mental drain and impact of pain (and why it’s important to acknowledge how you feel)
  • The good news / bad news around picking a word of the year (and a reminder for business owners feeling stuck in a difficult situation)
  • What to do when you’re feeling ALL the overwhelm (and my favorite hack for moving forward in those moments)
  • How to see the solution that moves things forward the MOST (and how to know when you need mindset, strategy, or both)


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