Episode 15: The Mindset, Strategy, and Execution of Sustainable Growth (Session 11 with Rachel)

In Session 11 with Rachel, we discuss a concept vital for every business and business owner: sustainability. This episode is such a gift (thank you, Rachel!) because understanding what creates consistency right now IS what sets up long term results. If you’re feeling pulled in many directions or you want a successful business for many years to come, this episode is for you!

Here’s exactly what you’ll hear in this episode:

  • How small steps create big results (and an intimate look at how a sales process works together to attract and sign new clients)
  • Why removing the pressure in your biz (to make more money, sign new clients, etc.) IS what speeds up results (and how to do it)
  • The problem with timelines and how to set sustainable goals for sustainable growth
  • Approaching business as a CEO and why separating personal problems from business growth is a game-changer
  • What to do when you’re exhausted (and THE #1 hack that will give you more freedom, more ease, and more results in business)
  • One question to filter e-v-e-r-y decision through (and how this surprising permission is the key to longevity in business for years to come)
  • What to do if you’re strapped for time or feel like you’re not doing enough in your biz to see results or sign new clients


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