Episode 13: Straightforward Sales Process + Principles (Close-Up with Lacey)

In this solo episode, I break down the 4 steps of a good sales process and share 4 sales principles that make selling more in your business incredibly straightforward. A good sales process isn’t overwhelming or overcomplicated, so let’s demystify sales and make getting more easy with this simple 4-step process and principles! 

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to create interest in your offers, overcome objections, and create a warm client pipeline
  • How to create a know, like, and trust factor (+ 3 ways to do that quickly!)
  • When you close the MOST sales in a sales process (and an exact breakdown of what Rachel’s sales process looks like so you can see this in action)
  • How to use your natural strengths to thrive in sales and love your sales process (instead of feeling icky or sleazy)
  • The #1 strategy for sales that get easier and easier and easier


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