In Session 8 with Rachel, we take a deep dive into how to make your sales process work for you! We talk about objections, removing tension for buyers, sales mindset, and creating an overarching process that flows together and feels good. Security in business comes from having a replicable sales process and that’s what we break down in this episode!

Here’s exactly what we discuss:

  • Money objections in your sales process (and when objections are normal + okay)
  • How to address objections with clients (+ why this is CRUCIAL especially for coaches)
  • The surprising thing missing from your sales process (and how to remove tension for potential clients so that it’s easier for them to buy)
  • The mindset to bring to discovery calls and client lead questionnaires 
  • How to let go of the idea that success looks a certain way (and how releasing your “success rules” will bring more success your way!)
  • How I got myself to LOVE live video (and how to apply this simple hack to discovery calls, visibility, and doing the things that move you forward in business!)


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