In Session 7 with Rachel, we talk about how to adapt as things change, how to REACT in business as a leader, and how to adapt to world events without capitalizing or being sleazy. We talk about the mindset traps that come up when navigating change, how to be strategic while adapting to current circumstances, and the permission to be imperfect as you do!

Here’s what we discuss:

  • When things happen FAST (and how to build evidence for your success) 
  • What it looks like to REACT in business as a leader (and how to adapt to world events without capitalizing or being sleazy)
  • The strategy of calendaring and when it’s OK to re-work your schedule
  • How to reach out and follow up with warm/cold leads in a way that feels good and sincere
  • Share what scares you (and how to create relatable content that your audience loves)
  • The pricing mindf*ck many entrepreneurs get stuck in and the best question to ask when raising prices, setting prices, and addressing money objections
  • How to solve the right problem so you can keep moving forward faster
  • The surprising way to do more mindset work (+ how to fit it in when you’re busy)
  • Best thing > Perfect thing (and how this one single thing can move you forward with ease)

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