In this introductory episode of Season 3, meet our new coachee: Rachel! Rachel has a successful PR business but is looking to do more of the work that truly lights her up as a money and finance coach. Tune in to hear how Rachel balances her work in PR, her company (Blissful Budget), her family, and even having a little one on the way… plus what she hopes to accomplish during our six months together!

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • From Corporate PR to PR business to Blissful Budget- hear Rachel’s journey to finding the work she LOVES!
  • How timelines, pressure, and attachment to goals can impact your results and hold you back (plus the truth about detachment in business)
  • Why Rachel applied for LITerally® (and why I choose her for this season in particular)
  • How Rachel juggles working 100 hours/month doing PR, no daycare amidst COVID-19, and moving forward in Blissful Budget
  • What it means to be a good steward of money as an entrepreneur (and how this stewardship creates more space for innovation)


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