Bonus Episode: Two Ways to Get Clients Now

When you’re working your bum off to build your business, I know you want to see results sooner rather than later. (I mean… DUH, right?)

Well even though I always say that business operates on a 90-curve (aka what you’re doing today will impact your business the most 90 days from today and the results you’re seeing in your business now are based on what you were doing 90 days ago), there ARE ways to speed up your timeline and get results NOW.

That’s why I’m sharing this BONUS episode on Two Ways to Get Clients NOW.

These two things are strategies you can use TODAY… no matter what marketing platform you love, how you run your business, whether you operate in-person or virtually, no matter what industry you’re in or who you serve… these are strategies for ANY business owner at ANY stage working in ANY industry.

No, they’re not a magic pill and it’s not just about visualizing it. It’s about using business principles that work to cut through the BS and actually get results.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • ✌️ ways to get results NOW (and get results FASTER) 
  • The best way to spend time in your business today (and the #1 way to make sales)
  • The REAL reason people buy, the 3 things you need to do on every sales call, and how to pitch without feeling sleazy


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