Episode 5: The Ultimate Success Mindset for Entrepreneurs (Session 4 with Sam)

In Session 4 with Sam, we talk about everything from the ultimate success mindset to the best way to use discounts in your biz to working with friends and family to hiring and building your ideal schedule. It is AMAZING what we cover in this one session and every single one of these concepts will be applicable no matter where you are in biz.


Here’s how it all breaks down:

  • The ultimate success mindset (and the foundational belief that all successful entrepreneurs hold)
  • How to make the most out of a scholarship or giveaway (and how to convert clients that didn’t win your offer)
  • The best way to use discounts in your biz (and why you need to be strategic about when you offer them)
  • One of the biggest shifters in my business and how I *know* a business will hit the multi six figure mark (hint: Do YOU have this belief?)
  • How to work with friends and family (and how to make sure it serves you both)
  • The #1 process to implement (and follow through on) when hiring in your biz
  • How to make sure “being busy” works for you (and doesn’t lead to overwhelm or burnout)
  • How to grow and scale in a way that lets you make your desired income while working your desired schedule (and how to make sure your building the right business for YOU)


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