Episode 3: The Real Truth Behind Hiring with Ease (Session 2 with Sam)

In Session 2 with Sam, we see how quickly and strategically a business can scale when smart decisions are made and time is dedicated in the right way! Plus, we discuss how to move forward and make progress despite setbacks any given week, the most streamlined, strategic and easeful way to hire your first team member and what *one* thing that ACTUALLY dictates pricing in your biz. 

Here’s how it all goes down:

  • Why you have to start religiously tracking your time (and the #1 way to make EASY decisions about hiring, delegating and scaling your biz)
  • The most streamlined, strategic and easeful way to hire your first team member 
  • How to look at your profit margin to know *exactly* when to hire (and grow your revenue)
  • The absolute best time to hire in your biz (and why it’s most likely not what you think!) 
  • How to make sure you get the right hires in your business (and how to use front-end filters to create a really strong hiring process)
  • How to price a new offering in your biz (plus the best way to raise your prices and what ACTUALLY dictates your ultimate pricing strategy)
  • How to make sales in December (even when holiday prep is in full swing)
  • My #1 favorite way to do market research and invest long-term in my business


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