In this episode with Sam, we wrap up the second season of LITerally! I’m asking Sam to help close out her journey by asking about her biggest lessons learned, the most difficult parts of being coached *while* starring on a podcast, and what she’s taking away from these six months together. Plus, Sam’s sharing what’s on the horizon for her next!


Here’s what we discuss:

  • What Sam did NOT expect when she agreed to public coaching via LITerally (and what Sam did not expect to need to scale her business to multi six figures)
  • How to stop downward mindset spirals in their tracks (and how to catch your thoughts before they influence your actions)
  • What it looks like to take radical personal responsibility in your life (and what needs to happen FIRST)
  • The best (and hardest) part of sharing Sam’s journey publicly on the podcast
  • Why getting to six figures or signing a client is NOT “the win” (and what you need to know instead)
  • The #1 thing that’s made all the difference for ALUL and the most valuable lesson we can learn from Sam’s quick growth


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