This is the first session in which Sam and I discuss the Coronavirus and its impact on Sam’s business. It feels so relevant to have captured this conversation because, over the course of the next few episodes, you’ll get an inside look at exactly how one business owner is navigating this new season. We also talk about the #1 reason most small businesses fail and how to use free calls to drive sales.


Here’s what we discuss:

  • The impact of the Coronavirus on life, business, mindset, and everything else 
  • Collective anxiety (and why it’s normal to feel heavy or intense even when your life has not changed drastically)
  • The difference between “capitalizing” on a hard time and showing up during a hard time (and why it’s okay to give right now AND also receive) 
  • Why most small businesses fail (and the #1 thing to know about scaling)
  • What to remember about follow-ups (especially now) and the truth about seeing RESULTS in your business
  • How to use free calls to drive sales (and how many I recommend booking each week to build your 1:1 practice quickly)
  • Three things to remember about pricing your services (and how to market your value so that you attract clients willing to pay your rate)


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