In Session 18 with Sam, we see how fast things can change, celebrate a big win, and discuss all things sales and conversions. From using FB groups to foster relationships to what makes (and breaks) a sale to making sure clients not only want your program but feel sure in taking the next step, this episode will help you nail your sales process!


Here’s how this episode shakes out:

  • The big goal Sam celebrates during this episode (and how perfectly it all worked out)
  • When to add more to your marketing strategy versus when to keep repeating the same process
  • The magic of FB groups, building relationships and fostering community (and the two things to make sure you + your team are doing daily)
  • One thing I talk about with almost EVERY client (and how this is key to building and scaling an online business)
  • The two things that can make or break conversions (and how to get a higher conversion rate)
  • What actually hurts conversions (and results) plus the one thing that’s bad for both coach and client
  • Money objections during sales calls and the difference between making an investment and spending “disposable income”
  • Solving the real problem in your sales funnel and how to make sure clients not only want your programs but feel sure in taking the next step


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