In this 5th solo episode, we discuss what’s on everyone’s mind right now: The changes that  COVID-19 has brough and how to adapt in your business so you can not only get through but actually get results. I’m sharing the 3 business principles that apply even during a recession, depression, difficult time, or uncertain season. 


Here’s what I share:

  • The 3 business principles that are true at ALL times
  • How to adapt as needs, markets, and pain points change
  • What will keep you sane and grounded when everything else feels uncertain
  • The difference between principles, frameworks, and platforms in business (and what business school taught me about strategies that WORK)
  • What matters the most in business right NOW 
  • What to do to keep seeing results in the coming weeks and months
  • How great businesses can be created during recessions and a few examples of business that have been (hint: these will blow your mind)
  • Three things you can do THIS WEEK to keep moving forward


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