Episode 20: Intentional Scheduling and Daily Mindset (Session 15 with Sam)

During this session with Sam, we dive into mindset, time-blocking, what to do when it feels hard to take action, and even what to do when your clients aren’t taking action. This is a foundational episode that digs into the scheduling, mindset, and other daily challenges we all face at every stage of business (from starting to scaling and beyond). 


In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • The different levels of burnout and how to get off the rollercoaster (and stop the pendulum swing of extremes in business)
  • How to “break the habit of being yourself” and change personality or mentality traits that you don’t like (or that no longer serve you)
  • The #1 tool I use to have more freedom in business and remove decision fatigue (and why this is THE most important thing you can do as a CEO ready to scale)
  • What to know about labels when it comes to scheduling your day (plus what I recommend you ask yourself *before* you break out the to-do list)
  • Why it’s okay to have changing values and desires and how to recognize when your schedule needs to shift accordingly
  • The truth about building a second business (and the decision and daily practice that makes it almost impossible to not see big results)
  • The two mindset shifts that influence action AND results (and how to “feel the fire” in your business)
  • What I believe to be true when you’re *not* getting what you want (and the Q to ask yourself ASAP)
  • Full permission to have the same conversation over and over again with clients (and why this actually leads to the best results)


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