In Session 14 with Sam, we discuss what it looks like to “decide” (and how decision can create quick results) and talk about how to increase interaction and engagement within a sales funnel. If I had to point to the one thing that changes the game for most of my clients, it’s a decision mindset and that’s what we dig into in this episode!


Here’s what we discuss:

  • How Sam manifested a new client (in the easiest way possible) WITHOUT even doing lead generation
  • How to create space in your workweek for a day off, daily workout, or anything else
  • What it looks like to utilize your team to help you get things done (and how a scaling business owner should look at their role vs. their team’s role)
  • How to keep your team invested in their work (and your mission) so that they help you scale even more
  • The #1 thing you can do to strategically move potential clients through a sales process (and how to increase click rates in emails)
  • The two things that should be present in EVERY sales funnel (hint: this is how you increase conversions)


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