Episode 18: The Four Things That EVERY Business Owner Must Do (Close-Up with Lacey)

In this fourth solo episode, I share the 4 things that go on behind-the-scenes of successful businesses (and the 4 things every business owner who wants more clients, more ease, and more success *must* do). These four things are fundamental to running a profitable, sustainable business, so I’m breaking down what they are and how to personalize them to YOU! 


Here’s what you’ll learn in this close-up:

  • The #1 thing every business owner needs to be focused on doing well (hint: I’m not talking about sales)
  • How to make running a business SIMPLE and what to do if you feel like you’re constantly creating new things for your biz
  • What 2 things you need to know about touchpoints (and how incorporating both will skyrocket your conversion rate!)
  • How I use opt-ins and videos to build relationships and fasttrack sales (without investing more TIME)
  • What ALL business owners must cultivate in order to create success (and the most important work you can do on a daily basis)


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