Episode 17: Lead Gen, Sign-Ups, and Creating a Buzz (Session 13 with Sam)

In Session 13, Sam shares two big changes (one she’s experiencing in life and one in business!) and we discuss how to move forward, set up great strategy, and feel good even in the midst of change. From the mindset of a CEO during transition to challenge sign-ups and lead gen, this episode continues to give you a behind-the-scenes look at the wins (and challenges) that come with growth.


Here’s how this episode breaks down:

  • The real truth behind raising your prices (including the pros AND cons)
  • How to get what you want (and what to do if you’re not getting what you want)
  • The mindset of a CEO (and how to feel good even when clients transition out of your business)
  • How to get more sign-ups for a challenge (and when to stop promoting) 
  • What it looks like to use team for lead gen (and how to know when you’re ready to delegate lead generation tasks in the first place)
  • How to create content that focuses on results (and your clients’ results) to create buzz around your offerings
  • How the Enneagram relates to marketing (and what you need to know about your personality before creating content and engaging in sales)


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