Episode 16: The Tradeoffs of Quick Growth (Session 12 with Sam)

In Session 12 with Sam, we continue our conversation on quick growth, what it looks like and how to handle it in a way that keeps you feeling good and moving forward. We’re diving into boundaries with clients, onboarding team members and getting clear on priorities because those are the biggest keys to feeling good when you’re scaling fast!


Here’s how this episode breaks down:

  • How to navigate difficult client situations (and set up boundaries that work for you and how you like to do business)
  • The tradeoffs of quick growth (and what to do when you’re experiencing growing pains)
  • How to take back your power and feel more in control even when you’re busy or in reactive mode (hint: this is especially helpful when you’re scaling fast)
  • What it looks like to create solutions that support your growth (and how to feel good about fast growth) 
  • How to make more money and work fewer hours (and what most business owners get wrong when setting time and money goals)
  • The #1 filter and question to ask yourself when you’re feeling overwhelmed, reactive or just plain crappy in your biz
  • The missing element of most marketing plans (and what to start communicating with potential clients if you want more conversions)


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