Episode 14: Fast Growth Demystified (Close-Up with Lacey)

In the third solo episode of Season 2, we deep dive into what makes fast growth possible, why quick success isn’t inherently better, and the importance of normalizing the challenges that come alongside growth. Between creating a well-oiled machine and choosing your trade-off, I’m sharing the beautiful AND not-so-beautiful behind-the-scenes of fast financial business success.


Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How Sam added $80k in annual revenue in the span of three short months
  • The challenges that come with quick growth and why the grass isn’t always greener
  • How to stop making yourself wrong so you can enjoy the process of building a business (and why this is actually THE most important part of having a business)
  • What we can (and should) learn about success from the Netflix Documentary “Cheer”
  • How to choose your trade-off and fall in love with YOUR business journey
  • How to move through the fear of success (or failure) so you can create the life and business you truly want
  • My #1 success “secret” (and how to apply this to your business so you can grow more quickly and with more joy and ease)


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