Episode 13: Opt-Ins, Tripwires and Funnels that Convert (Session 10 with Sam)

In Session 10, we craft Sam’s buyer’s journey and continue to lean into the problem we identified last session: touchpoints. We’re talking about how to build a strategic funnel that converts and the best way to create opt-ins and products that give you more results in less time. Plus, Sam has big news to share! 


Here’s what to expect from this session with Sam:

  • The big news Sam has to share today (and how this is evidence of the #1 missing link we talked about last session)
  • The power of celebration (and how to do it in a way that brings more results into your life and biz)
  • How to hire and onboard with ease (and how to make sure you’ve found the right fit for you and your biz)
  • Sam’s goals for 2020 (we’re talking numbers, goals and the specific results she wants to achieve)
  • How to use passive income in the RIGHT way in your biz (hint: this is especially important when you want to fill a 1:1 practice)
  • Exactly how I’ve created everything I have in ALUL’s “shop” (& a strategic way to create opt-ins and products in your biz with less TIME and more results!)


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