Episode 11: Creating, Sharing and Repurposing Content with Ease (Session 8 with Sam)

In Session 8 with Sam, we discuss how to create, share and repurpose content in your business to grow and scale with more ease (and even fun!). We talk about everything from online community building to content management to sharing your value and increasing your sales. This is six figure thinking around content and relationship building that will grow your biz AND help you see how easy it can be!


Here’s how this episode shakes out:

  • How to market more effectively *without* unnecessarily turning away great clients 
  • The easiest way to write content that serves your business for years to come (+ the exact formula we use at A Lit Up Life!)
  • The smartest way to create consistency in your biz (without spending all your time writing and creating content) 
  • A mindset hack to engage and build relationships online with potential clients (with more ease and less time)
  • What I REALLY think about Facebook groups and biz owners who sign clients in my group 
  • The most effective way to write sales copy (and the #1 thing you need to remember about your audience when you talk to them)



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