Episode 10: The Strategic Steps Successful Business Owners Use To Get What They Want (Close-Up with Lacey)

In this second solo episode of Season 2, I discuss how to implement simple, sustainable strategy in your business so you can get the results you want with more ease and flow, the power of depth within a sales process (so you can create more effectiveness and better conversion rates) and 5 steps to experience more success (faster!).


Here’s how the episode breaks down:

  • How to find flow and ease in your business as you grow and scale (& how to bust through the roadblocks between you and the clients you want)
  • The #1 thing successful business owners do to strategically move their business forward
  • How I made $100k with 400 people in my group (and NOTHING else)
  • 5 steps to help you create momentum in your business and get the results you want (plus the BEST Q to ask yourself if you’re feeling stuck)
  • How to minimize decision fatigue so you can make smart decisions that catapult your growth (& why you want to do everything you can to minimize decision fatigue in the first place)
  • One of the #1 traits I see in successful business owners (plus what keeps most entrepreneurs stuck)
  • The biggest mistake entrepreneurs make in regards to goals, strategy and seeing results 


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