Episode 1: A Six-Figure Business Ready For More (Meet our New Coachee)

In this introductory episode of Season 2, meet our new coachee: Sam! Sam has been in business for a few years and is looking to scale beyond the six-figure mark while adding new services and new team members to her biz. Tune in to hear how Sam left her corporate job, built a six-figure agency and travels full-time while doing work she loves… plus what she hopes to accomplish during our six months together!


Here’s how it all goes down:

  • The power of belief in getting what you want (& why I chose Sam in part for her rock-solid mindset)
  • What you’ll learn from this six-figure business owner ready to scale (& why you need to pay attention to how she’s thinking about things)
  • Why Sam didn’t have a website for her biz until she left her full-time corporate job
  • How Sam travels full-time while running a six-figure business (that she wants to grow and scale)
  • How Sam knew she was ready for support to help her take things to the next level (& why this is her very first experience working with a coach!)


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