Should I change my offer? Is it gross to sell right now? Should I cancel my in-person event?  I’ve been getting a lot of Q’s about the coronavirus (and its impact on business) and I have a lot of thoughts. Because while we should take necessary precautions, we don’t want to panic or assign big meaning to this in our businesses. We want to get innovative and adaptable, so that we can continue to get results even DURING this time.  Let’s talk about how to do that.


In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • The 4 questions I’m asking my clients right now and encourage you to ask yourself (and the #1 question to STOP asking)
  • The two most important things to do/have in this season (hint: how you handle this challenging situation will impact your long-term success)
  • How to talk to your clients, community, and team about the Coronavirus (and what they need to hear from you as a leader)
  • Who should launch, what you should be selling, and how to price your services during this time


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