Lacey Sites Podcast LITerally™

LITerally™ is a podcast that shares the raw, unscripted experience of building an online business. Each episode is a recording of actual coaching sessions between Lacey and one of her clients over the course of six months, giving you the “reality tv view” (minus the sleaze) of building an online business.
This podcast will completely transform how you look at business and give you a much-needed dose of inspiration and permission to do things your way.

Strategy Demystified (Close-Up with Lacey)

In this solo episode, I discuss why the gap between when your mindset and actions shift and when you see bigger and more consistent results is the *hardest* place to be in business, how to get through this gap so you actually can get the results you really want, and which three strategies make the […]

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Permission to Find What Feels Good as Life and Biz Evolve (Session 13 with Monica)

In Session 13 with Monica, we are celebrating! Monica has two big announcements as we reflect on the impact of her daily mindset work, the power of owning your results NOW, and the real truth about what brings success. Plus, I’m giving you the permission to find what feels good AS life and business evolve. […]

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Execution, Aligned Action, and Results (Session 14)

In Session 14 with Monica, we dissect the fastest path to more results, why ‘how you feel’ cannot dictate ‘what you do’, and how to make sure you’re not stopping right before the results show up. This episode is all about what to do when your actions are out of alignment with what you really […]

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The Truth about Research, Niching, and Marketing in Your Biz (Session 15 with Monica)

In Session 15 with Monica, we discuss why constantly thinking about *not* having what you want is holding you back (and how one small shift helped Monica receive a random $2k check in the mail AND sign a new client) plus the real truth about market research, niching, and promoting in your biz.   Here’s […]

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How Selling, Serving, and Converting Evolve As You Grow (Session 16 with Monica)

In Session 16 with Monica, we discuss how the work you do is different than the marketing you do (and why understanding this difference makes sales SO much easier!), good practices for converting with ease (and serving more effectively), and why you’ve got to stop making yourself wrong as you grow in your biz.    […]

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A Conversation About LASTING Results (Close-Up with Lacey)

In this episode, I share the top 5 keys to executing consistently and getting long lasting results, the *real* reason mindset is everything, what’s required to create consistent income and bigger money months, and what to do if you’re struggling to get done what you want to get done.   Here’s how it breaks down: […]

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The Key to More Courage, Success, and Innovation in Your Biz (Session 17 with Monica)

In Session 17 with Monica, we discuss what patience and persistence have to do with getting more discovery calls, one of the best mentalities to adopt if you want more courage, success, and innovation in your biz, and how the totality of your actions work together to create bigger + better results over time!   […]

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