Lacey Sites Podcast LITerally™

LITerally™ is a podcast that shares the raw, unscripted experience of building an online business. Each episode is a recording of actual coaching sessions between Lacey and one of her clients over the course of six months, giving you the “reality tv view” (minus the sleaze) of building an online business.
This podcast will completely transform how you look at business and give you a much-needed dose of inspiration and permission to do things your way.

The Key to More Courage, Success, and Innovation in Your Biz (Session 17 with Monica)

In Session 17 with Monica, we discuss what patience and persistence have to do with getting more discovery calls, one of the best mentalities to adopt if you want more courage, success, and innovation in your biz, and how the totality of your actions work together to create bigger + better results over time!   […]

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Staying Strategic as You Get Full, Make More Money, and Plan for the Future

In Session 18 with Monica (our final coaching session!), we discuss what to do as you get close to getting full and booked out with clients, how (and when) to raise prices so that you continue to grow, and the #1 piece of advice I would give you as you start making more money and […]

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Takeaways, Lessons, and Real Magic: Final Wrap Up Session with Monica

In this episode with Monica, we wrap up the first season of LITerally! I’m asking Monica to help close out this journey by asking about her biggest lessons learned, the most difficult parts of being coached *while* starring on a podcast, and how she’s moving forward into her next chapter. Plus, we’re sharing with you […]

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