Lacey Sites Podcast LITerally™

LITerally™ is a podcast that shares the raw, unscripted experience of building an online business. Each episode is a recording of actual coaching sessions between Lacey and one of her clients over the course of six months, giving you the “reality tv view” (minus the sleaze) of building an online business.
This podcast will completely transform how you look at business and give you a much-needed dose of inspiration and permission to do things your way.

Money Objections, Bad Investments, and Letting It Be Messy (Session #7 with Monica)

In Session 7 with Monica, we discuss what to do when it feels like you’re not getting conversions, how to sell and communicate how you can help in a way that feels good to you and your clients, and moving through client objections by working through your own. We’re talking debt, bad business investments, and […]

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The 3 Most Important Questions You Can Ask Yourself to Make More Money THIS WEEK (Bonus Episode)

In this Bonus Episode, we discuss the 3 Q’s I ask myself each day / week / month to consistently increase my income and make more money NOW, the 2 key differences you need to know to quickly grow and scale in your biz, and the #1 thing that keeps people from doing what they […]

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It’s All about Sales: Confidence, Making the Ask, and Improving Conversion Rates (Session 8 with Monica)

In Session 8 with Monica, we discuss all things sales: how to feel confident on a sales call, making the sale without feeling pushy or sleazy, the #1 thing to do on a discovery call, and how to follow-up afterwards.   Here’s exactly how it breaks down: What to do when you have a thought […]

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Stop Working So Hard and Start Having Success in Your Biz (Session 9 with Monica)

In Session 9 with Monica, we discuss what to do when you feel like you don’t know enough, how to stop playing small and start selling with confidence, two of my favorite exercises to solidify new beliefs and reprogram your brain, and how to use challenges to add value, create community, and make sales!   […]

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Mindset is Your FT Job; Your Biz is Your Side Hustle (Close-Up with Lacey)

In Episode 13, I discuss how your thoughts create your experience and your stories create your outcome, the REAL purpose of mindset work, and how to figure out what mindset work is best for *you* to do in order to see massive (and fast) results in your biz!   Here’s how it all goes down: […]

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How to Be The CEO of Your Business So That You Can Grow (Session 10 with Monica)

In Session 10 with Monica, we discuss how to yield the biggest results from your mindset practice, the power of going deep on your strategy rather than wide, and how to make sure you’re running a business and not a to-do list in order to make more money now. I’m so excited about this episode […]

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Feeling Inspired, Abundant, and Visible in Your Biz (Session 11 with Monica)

In Session 11 with Monica, we discuss the difference between inspiration and planning in your biz (and how they can live TOGETHER), how to create more results more quickly (hint: it has to do with how you’re LIVING), how the online market is changing (& what you need to do to rise up above the […]

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The NEW Marketing Model and How to Make It Work (Bonus Episode)

In this bonus episode, I share with you how the online market is shifting and what will make the biggest difference in getting clients and creating success for your online business moving forward! Here’s what you’ll learn: The #1 difference maker in whether or not you make sales consistently I have clients making $0 to […]

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The Mindset, Strategy, and Execution of Selling and the Psychology of Buyers (Session 12 with Monica)

In Session 12 with Monica, we discuss how running events can help your biz, why what you’re doing to sell right now is probably only scratching the surface and how to go deeper, a powerful reminder that came thanks to a $28 face powder, and the place where all the results (and sales) show up! […]

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