Episode 5: Modeling Motherhood as a 7-Figure Business Owner with Cait Scudder

In our final episode of this special miniseries Little Ones, we talk to 7-figure business coach, Cait Scudder, who graciously models for us all how to be “enough” as mothers while still reaching new levels of success in business. There is so much permission given in this episode around having flexibility, not planning everything out perfectly, and empowering every woman to delight in the beauty and richness of running a highly successful business alongside raising a family. 

I so encourage you to listen to this episode as Cait shares how she has made this possible every single day, despite the struggle that comes with balancing her time and mental capacity. While you’re at it, tune into the rest of Little Ones, the mini series featuring five of my clients, who had babies within the last year, empowering every listener to make the outrageous asks, receive support, and ultimately delight in motherhood while building their business & wealth.

In Cait’s episode, you’ll hear:

  • The key to finding room for “more” as a woman and mother in business so you have a higher capacity for growth
  • Encouragement to build the business you want AND have the family you want without sacrificing one for the other
  • How to gain a deeper sense of purpose in our identity as a mother and CEO (and allow ourselves to have all the “good stuff” without guilt)
  • What makes Cait feel more lit up and inspired than ever 
  • How Cait has refused to sacrifice herself, her dream, her desires, and her ambitions (and how this is possible for you, too!) 



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