Episode 4: Being a FT Mom and PT Business Owner While Making Multi-six Figures with Sam DiNicola

Wanna know how it’s possible to have a multi 6-figure business while working 15 hours a week… and starting a family and running a second business, all in one year?

Once Sam DiNicola decided to start a family, she locked into a rock solid mindset and began preparing her business and life for a baby to arrive. You may recognize this digital marketing agency owner from season 2 of LITerally! She’s back to share her wisdom and mindset with us in the Little Ones mini series, along with four of my other clients who are balancing businesses and babies while making great money.

Sam was able to grow and evolve her agency while in the role of primary caregiver, as well as build her real estate investment business working only 15 hours a week. You heard that right – she currently has no nanny or daycare and continues to grow her businesses only working in the mornings while her very supportive husband spends precious time with their daughter. 

In order to run two businesses and have her daughter in her care almost 24/7, Sam made adjustments and changes very purposefully and in advance of getting pregnant. Listen to this open and honest conversation to hear the lessons she has learned, how instrumental her mindset was, and what she would do differently to make her business work for her life in the best way possible!

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • A massive win Sam experienced in her business while in the hospital giving birth (and how this can be possible for you anywhere, anytime too!)
  • Sam’s biggest tip to prepare for maternity leave (or any extended leave) to make the transition as smooth as possible while earning almost the same amount
  • What she refuses to waste any more time on as a business owner (and how to fully enjoy the time we dedicate to growing our businesses)
  • How to set your mindset to being more productive when your mental load is at capacity and you are downright exhausted



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