Episode 3: Having it All as a 7-Figure Business Owner and Mother with Leah Gervais

What happens when a seven figure business owner wants to scale back her hours and still provide financially for her family? When online business coach, Leah Gervais, became pregnant, she scaled back to 4 days and then eventually 3 days in anticipation of creating a new normal for herself and her family. 

She bravely shares her fears and nerves around not knowing how to prepare for a new normal, and what having a baby would mean for her freedom. In the process, she discovered the absolute best way to spend her time and experienced the feeling of “having it all” when returning to work after maternity leave. Find out how she was able to feel lighter and work and obsess over her business less while still achieving massive success.

Listen to episode 3 of the LITtle Ones mini series to learn about building a business and life that gives us everything we desire without losing ourselves in the process. 

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • How Leah gave herself permission for changes in her business to occur and how she’s working less and making more than ever 
  • How to hold onto the important parts of your identity as you step into motherhood (so you can be ALL of you in this season of life)
  • Listening to your intuition in business and motherhood and how that can pay off in the biggest way
  • The behind the scenes of what it looked like for Leah to shift expectations, design a life and business that served her, and truly “have it all”
  • Bonus real talk on breastfeeding struggles and the motivation to keep going in the hard moments!


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