Episode 2: Reimagining Your Business & 3 Day Work Weeks with Jess Jordana

What if you built a business just for the sake of building a business? Only to realize you didn’t actually love most of what you were doing even though it looked really successful from the outside?

In episode 2 of our Little Ones mini series, Copywriter and Brand Strategist, Jess Jordana, and I have a conversation about what happened when she came back from maternity leave and realized it was time to reimagine her entire business. We discuss balance, transitioning to a 3 day work week and what it means to actually have that elusive ‘balance’. 

If you are struggling with work-life balance, feeling like you maybe haven’t built a business that lights you up, or want some inspiration to know that you can work less AND still get what you want out of your business, this episode is for you. 

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • The biggest difference-maker in preparing for maternity leave (or any extended leave)
  • Why tearing down and rebuilding Jess’s business was the best move for her (and a new lens through which she bases her decisions)
  • A huge mindset shift around how you spend your time (and how to know that something is actually WORTH your time)
  • The single, most important question that changed everything in Jess’s business
  • One guiding thought that can support you in making decisions as a mother in business



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