Episode 1: How to Experience Enjoyment and Ease as a Business Owner and Mother with Suzy Olivier

The belief of success at ANY cost…actually has a really big cost.😬

We can believe “I can do it all myself – and perfectly” which leads to stress, burnout, and lack of rest, OR we can intentionally choose to create ease and enjoyment in life and business (even and especially when it feels hardest to do that!). 

In this first episode of Little Ones, business coach and serial entrepreneur, Suzy Olivier, shares with us how she crafted her maternity leave and transition back to work to be fun, easy, and serve her well, even with three littles to care for! This is the permission we as mothers need to take time off, receive support, and let go of trying to be everything to everyone.

Tune into this episode to discover:

  • How Suzy shifted her mindset, beliefs, and goals (and how this is possible for ANYONE) to be an intentional business owner
  • A mindset reframe that helped Suzy fully enjoy her newborn and ditch mom guilt
  • One reality of the growth and speed of your business during time off that needs to be said and spoken about more
  • What balance looks like for Suzy, and how to be “the best you” whether you are in mom mode or business mode


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