Episode #9 is another solo episode where I discuss the 3 components necessary to having all the success you want, how to stop solving the wrong problem in your biz, my #1 favorite exercise to get unstuck, and how to create bigger results FAST.


Here’s what I share:

  • My background as a therapist, non-profit director, and business owner and how it shaped my work with Monica
  • The 3 key components to having the amount of success that’s possible for you
  • How to cut through the noise and know *exactly* where to focus
  • The framework for (LITerally!) getting everything you want
  • THIS is what to do if you’re not getting what you want
  • How to stop solving the wrong problems in your biz
  • The best exercise to get unstuck and move past challenges in your biz
  • What it takes to create bigger results FAST
  • The REAL magic pill in business


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