In Session #6 with Monica, we discuss why feeling good is critical to the success of your biz, how to stop making it so hard (and finally let it be easy), how fast things can shift when you stay in the process, and handling objections on sales calls by addressing the two reasons people *don’t* buy.


Here’s how this breaks down:

  • Why mindset, establishing priorities, and feeling good are CRITICAL to the success of your business (and how to make it happen even IF you don’t feel like you have the time)
  • How to stop making it so hard for yourself… and start letting it be easy
  • Anything you do for you is something you’re *also* doing for your business
  • How fast things can shift when you stay in the process without bouncing between shiny objects
  • Handling objections on sales calls (and the problem with sales scripts)
  • The two reasons people *don’t* buy (this will surprise you!)
  • The #1 way most people don’t feel good about sales/sales calls and how to shift it
  • How to follow-up after a sales or discovery call


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