Episode 6: Getting Out of Your Own Way (Close-Up with Lacey)

In Episode #6, I’m speaking solo to discuss showing up for your strategy and executing consistently in order to see big results in biz, why it’s important to get clear on a strategy that feels good and how to get out of your own way enough to follow through, the 6 elements of getting what you want, and why patience and persistence are your bffs for building a sustainable business that lights you up.


Here’s how it all goes down:

  • How to commit to showing up for your strategy
  • Why getting out of your own way is actually THE WORK
  • Why mindset blocks are unique but also incredibly universal
  • One of the biggest challenge points I see in online business
  • The two things “wrong” with online marketing in today’s world
  • Why “if someone just told me what to do I’d do it” isn’t actually true
  • The REAL problem you need to solve for big results in biz
  • The power (and joy) of a replicable sales process
  • 6 steps to getting the success you want
  • Executing in a way that actually impacts results
  • The importance of being patient but persistent (and how that shows up in building a biz + how to do it NOW)


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