In this episode with Monica, we wrap up the first season of LITerally! I’m asking Monica to help close out this journey by asking about her biggest lessons learned, the most difficult parts of being coached *while* starring on a podcast, and how she’s moving forward into her next chapter. Plus, we’re sharing with you the most important nuggets we want you to take away and the biggest gift you can give yourself as a business owner (and a human)!


Here’s how it all breaks down:

  • The pieces of the podcast that were both expected and surprising
  • Monica’s biggest lessons from our six months of coaching together (& the most important things she wants YOU to take away!)
  • The best and most difficult parts of this journey through our eyes
  • The power of sticking IN IT when it’s hard (and why *not* to burn it all down or jump ship too quickly)
  • The real magic of LITerally and 1:1 coaching & how to get the biggest and best results
  • What is making Monica and I BOTH tear up and the #1 result we’ve got to highlight


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