Episode 2: Clarity, Intention, and Moving Forward Before You See Results (Session 1 with Monica)

In Session 1 with Monica, we’re talking about how to find a focus in messaging, what to do when imposter syndrome rears its head, the important of moving forward before seeing results, and what often ends up being the hardest part of building an online business.


Here’s how it goes down:

  • Common initial struggles of starting an online business
  • The importance of identifying pitfalls in past endeavors and how to NOT bring these into a new project or business
  • How to structure a business for big results from Day 1
  • The raw, honest truth about insecurity and putting yourself out there
  • What to do when you have a lot of professional experience and STILL have imposter syndrome
  • The difference between coaching and consulting and how to pick the right path
  • Why it’s crucial to be results-oriented in your content even when you haven’t yet created results
  • Maintaining confidence in the online space when you’re constantly exposed to the success and messages of others
  • What to do when you’re second guessing your business decisions and the best way to make decisions in the first place
  • The power of a content detox


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